The huge changes our world is going through means we all share a responsibility to ensure there is a future for all of us, for people and nature alike. We all must work to protect our shared environment. How we eat can either make the world more sustainable or make it less sustainable.

It is not always easy to do things in a sustainable way, but given the stakes, how can we justify any alternative?

In all we do we stand for a better tomorrow and a sustainable future for all of us.



We keep in mind that we eat today as only royalty did in the past. Not so long ago in the Netherlands, Wednesday was the only day for meat. Salmon on toast was a special treat on a holiday. Yet today we all expect to eat a bagel with lox, avocado, and sesame seeds on a daily basis. This has consequences.

Obviously no one wants to go back in time to eating without variety, or to when few people had enough to eat. But we also have to think through how we can offer the variety and sustainability that will engineer a better future for all of us without being greedy or gluttonous. We have to conduct business that helps us all keep our eyes on the future.

This means we choose as many sustainable products as we can and deliver our food in biodegradable packaging, use electric vehicles to make our deliveries and pick our ingredients with care. We focus on vegetables that are harvested in The Netherlands to limit our carbon footprint dramatically. That’s a good start, but there are always ways to improve.



In our business field, sustainability is a difficult concept. Clients would love to be more sustainable, but they like competitive pricing too. Money will always be on of the most important interests in the end, and that goes for ourselves as well.

Fortunately, we see the culture changing slowly. There is more focus on the future of our planet, and people and businesses assign bigger budgets to spend on sustainability.

The food industry has a huge impact on the planet. More and more people worldwide are getting used to the luxury of eating meat everyday. Wholesale- and supermarkets are packed with internationally shipped fresh products. This has huge consequences.


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