We are a conscious, creative and innovative business caterer.

We deliver flexible, handmade and sustainable catering to international offices, meeting spaces and studios.

We help companies connect through food, make their teams more productive and the business more successful.



Sustainable business catering made easy.

✓ Simple or full-service
✓ Catering services for 10 – 300 employees
✓ Diverse menus loaded with nutrition and flavour
✓ Lower your environmental footprint with sustainable catering
✓ Daily green delivery of handmade and flexible lunches
✓ Personalised ordering platform for each employee
✓ No professional kitchen needed
✓ Occasional or every day

We cater companies, big and small. Our handmade lunch is less than fifteen euros per person, and is delivered daily and flexibly based on the amount of people registered. We work with fair, local and seasonal ingredients, which we hand-craft into delicious and healthy menus, every day. You help limiting the impact of your company’s food consumption, while attracting your people to come to office for everyday socialising and focused meetings and presentations.

Without compromising on taste or quality, you make your business healthy, responsible and more productive.

Ordering is easy. The office manager uses our plug-and-play ordering software, or each employee can schedule their own presence or absence and official non-severe allergies. We deliver to your doorstep with easy-to-unpack, individually portioned in sustainable reusables or provide full catering service, from dusk till dawn. Every lunch consists of at least five hand-made, conscious chosen items from daily changing seasonal menus.

Expect socialising, high variety, smart nutrition and flavour-dense artisanal food while limiting your ecological footprint and revenue-evaporating after-lunch dips.




Handmade in Amsterdam
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Some of the companies we proudly delivered to:

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