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We deliver flexible, handmade and sustainable catering
to your office, five days a week.


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The mission of our Daily Catering is simple: serve great food everyday for a decent price. That’s our bottomline, our whole deal.

And yet, because of the way the world is these days, that is not enough and can’t be all there is to what we do and how we approach our business.

The huge changes our world is going through means we all share a responsibility to ensure there is a future for all of us, for people and nature alike. We all must work to protect our shared environment. How we eat can either make the world more sustainable or make it less sustainable.

It is not always easy to do things in a sustainable way, but given the stakes, how can we justify any alternative?


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We take pride in offering unparalleled variety in our menus. We think of each day as a chance to make something delicious for you from what nature gives us.

Without sacrificing taste, we limit the use of meat in our menus. Any meat we do use is of the most humane origin. Just as importantly, we source most of our fresh ingredients from Dutch suppliers, so we limit our carbon footprint dramatically.

That said, it is hard to always be a saint. Let’s all try to live and eat responsible where we can. If you still want to enjoy one of our artisanal burgers on a friday, you can trust that we source our meat and pickles responsibly and that it will taste great with our homemade ketchup.

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Return on investment? Employees who feel good and who are healthy are more productive. And more productive employees means a better bottom line for you. Heavy food and foods loaded with fat make you sluggish whereas good food fuels good performance. Yet, as logical as this is, most employers don’t ensure the quality of fuel they offer their employees.

Our food will make your company more successful, not just because you and the people who work for you will feel and perform better, but because we offer you meals that are social. Instead of eating a grim sandwich behind your laptop, enjoy a warm meal with colleagues. Your team will get to know each other better and that leads to better productivity and more enjoyable work.

We seen this many times. Nothing brings us together like eating together and that’s as true at work as it is with family or with friends.

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At DIS we keep in mind that we eat today as only royalty did in the past. This has consequences.

Obviously no one wants to go back in time to eating without variety, but we also have to think through how we can offer the variety and sustainability that will engineer a better future for all of us without being greedy or gluttonous. We have to conduct business that helps us all keep our eyes on the future.

This means we choose sustainable products and ingredients, use biodegradable packaging and electric vehicles to make our deliveries. That’s a start, but there are always ways to improve. we strive to make sure we source all our ingredients from local vendors who share our vision, and cut down the use of plastic to a minimum.

We think we are on the right path but there are challenges ahead, which is why we like to think of our clients as partners. Many companies want to be sustainable but do not know how. Our food and our work together can kickstart you here.
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We partner with clients who love good food, care about the future and who want to feel good about what they eat.



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