DIS werknemers in de keuken
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DIS began as a take-away meal shop, with restaurant-quality meals to go for a tenner. Business catering requests soon followed. We grew to become a solid caterer for offices on the Amsterdam canals and town squares. Our large and familiar team worked hard, every day, to supply daily lunch to hundreds of Amsterdam employees.

And then the Coronavirus came..

Groen in kas





The closure of offices led to a halt of orders, our whole operation came to a sudden stop. A big shock for us all. But it also offered the opportunity to think: what is truly important? We had time in our hands again to think about the company vision. Working and growing with local suppliers. Only organic meat and Dutch vegetables, thereby drastically reducing our CO2 impact. A way less complex organization. Good, responsible and simple.

DIS werknemer met groente



 We have changed our concept, based on our personal values. Slowly, we are growing our business again, with a focus on similar-minded clients and suppliers. Bottom-line for us is not the end goal, we want to take pride in what we do daily and help others grow a sustainable business.

In doing so, we create a positive bubble of influence.

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