Handmade in Amsterdam since 2015.
Flavour-forward from the start.

Our Story in short.

DIS started as a neighbourhood deli for the city centre. The idea was simple: a convenient place to get fresh, hand-made food, daily. The concept quickly became popular, and with the success came requests for catering at home, offices and events.

Today, the business has grown significantly. We provide daily catering to companies in Amsterdam and beyond for hundreds of people each day. Every item is freshly made, with a menu that evolves with the seasons and pleases almost everyone. We are proud of our team, suppliers and the people we work for, aiming for long-term relationships with each of them.

We have always attracted like-minded people. Chefs and creatives, who appreciate the art and feel-good mood of creating high quality, conscious chosen food.

We partner with companies that are ready to make the next step in leadership and sustainability, while attracting employees to come to office for daily vitalising, social experiences, focused business meetings and better results.

What we do for you.

We love food, our planet and people and like to take care of all three. Apart from fresh-made breakfast, homemade snacks and delicious dinner options, our chefs craft a five-item lunch daily, carefully designed by our creative team. Our clients’ office managers or individual employees place their orders in our easy to use software system, and we pack our artisanal food to order for on-time delivery. We deliver in individual sustainable reusables, or ship for assembly on-site, creating rich and inviting buffets presented by our welcoming staff.

We take pride in creating diverse menus, maximising flavour by combining well-known classics, interesting ingredients and various cooking methods and craft them into a diverse and tasteful mix of items. With limited use of animal protein and overseas produce, our menus are diverse and tasty, and vary year-round.

We are continuously looking for interesting ways of using the seasonal produce: an ongoing creative process, which ensures high variety and keeps everyone interested in what’s next. Our clients will see a different menu each season, and eat the same dish a maximum of three times a year, meaning an incredible variety of items and a good excuse to see what’s on offer at the office restaurant.

Groente in de winkel

Cooking for everyone.

The food industry is responsible for a large portion of greenhouse gas emissions, occupying enormous patches of land, using up mind-boggling amounts of water and depleting soil nutrients in a non-reversible way – all directly influencing climate change. We are aware of our power to limit the impact food has, and we make conscious and impactful choices. We are also aware of our educational position: by understanding why we make the choices we make, we have successfully transformed ‘traditional eaters’ to companies with a fresh, vegetarian-forward cuisine being served in the restaurant.  

We are no traditional catering company. We’re foodies, emphasising flavour in dishes created with great care and the environment in mind. With our production kitchen based in the city centre of Amsterdam, we deliver our products to our customers mostly by electrical bikes and vehicles. We take care of reducing food waste on our end, and at our client’s. An example for others, positively changing the image of the creative caterers and bringing refreshing change to the way we enjoy food at our workplace. By prioritising sustainability, ethics and creativity in every aspect of our business, we strive to set a new standard for the food industry and inspire others to follow suit.

eggplant sandwich doormidden gesneden

Hungry for more?

We deliver to offices, studio’s and meeting spaces. Whether you want to order once, or have us at your doorstep daily – we’re open for business!